Philosophies and Background

Armed Guard Private Protection is a security firm serving Northern California. Armed Guard Private Protection has been founded by two former law enforcement officers from the Yuba-Sutter area. With over twenty three years in sworn law enforcement combined, the owners have now switched path’s in life and have taken all of their on the job training learned in law enforcement ultimately implementing their vision it to the Private Security industry.

Armed Guard Private Protection is one of the fastest growing security companies in Northern California due to its philosophies, technology, and dedication to its clients. More and more clients are choosing the armed officer approach versus the traditional un-armed guard approach.

We strongly believe this is because of the rapid release of thousands of low level state prisoners coupled with the local massive public safety budget reductions coupled with our philosophies and beliefs implemented into the new age of the Private Security industry. This is a common approach implemented a few years back in large more densely populated cities.

Armed Guard Private Protection’s main office is based out of Yuba City and has a branch office located in Chico. In the little time Armed Guard Private Protection has been protecting Northern California residents, it has proven over and over again to dramatically reduce crime on its client’s properties by simply doing our job and implementing new techniques and approaches to the industry.

Specialized Services and Approaches

One of these new approaches which have resulted in the arrests of several has been by deploying our Special Enforcement Team, also known as our A.G.S.E.T. (Armed Guard Special Enforcement Team) to problematic areas. Our specialized team will go into an area known for serious problems such as gangs, drugs, robberies, alcohol and other serious problems and clean it up by using a firm but fair approach. Our team has an inviting appearance but provides a strong command presence.

We can personally guarantee 100 % satisfaction of our service. We have developed a Private Security Firm that can give you the client ten times the service of just your standard Security Company, probably the ones you’re accustomed to. In addition to our special enforcement team, we have technology which allows the client (you) to remotely monitor what exactly is taking place on your property in real time.

Our patrol vehicles have GPS systems which are linked to our mobile database terminal. This will alleviate the guessing as to when, where and what our officers were at when a crime took place. Our mobile database terminal can hold each officer accountable for their actions, ensuring the operations are being managed as they should be. Our system is capable of parking enforcement for residents, guests and un-wanted visitors. In addition to the parking enforcement management program, the GPS tracking program officers are capable of completing computerized activity logs and incident reports. You the client can log in and view any and all activity as it occurs and enter a vacation watch.

We provide two-way radio dispatch with a 24 hour operator waiting for your call for assistance. All officers will complete a computerized report if an incident occurs and make arrest as they occur. To boot our officers are armed with a firearm, taser, and pepper spray. Each officer is also equipped with generation II night vision monocular goggles.

One thing the owners of Armed Guard Private Protection have noticed over the years in law enforcement is the lack of training in the Private Security industry, along with sophisticated technology. We recognize training is one of the most important parts of any security companies in field operations due to the amount of liability associated with our growing responsibilities.

Officer Training Requirements

In addition to our phenomenal infield security operations, we have a fully accredited and state licensed training facility to ensure our officers receive the utmost and finest training available. We provide monthly in house training to discuss constantly changing laws and different ways to approach problems officers are encountering in the field. This in the long run assists you the client, by protecting yourself civilly. One false arrest can cost our company, you the client and the property owners thousands of dollars.

Our officers shall have completed a California accredited law enforcement academy and successfully passed a state certified security training facility. We also review candidates with prior military experience related to law enforcement. All officers are trained as first responders. Our officers are trained in the use of CPR/First aid procedures, OC spray, expandable and collapsible baton, taser and exposed weapons permit. Officers must have their DMV report evaluated quarterly, must pass a report writing test, subject to random drug testing, and a thorough background check.

Training Center

Our training instructors for our training center are all current law enforcement employed with local law enforcement agencies or retired law enforcement officers with ample years in the business. This allows us to sleep good at night knowing our guys are performing their jobs professionally and in accordance to the law.


Armed Guard Private Protection has worked vigorously with premier insurance companies to develop an insurance policy to protect our clients. We have implemented a bullet proof insurance premium to protect our clients from every angle. Something most clients overlook is the waiver of subrogation, primary contract language, and additionally insured. Armed Guard Private Protection has spent thousands of dollars on many additional items to provide our current clients and our future clients with a service that nobody will be able to beat, at least not for the price.


All of our vehicles are new vehicles, clearly marked, and equipped with new technology. We have clearly marked Chevy trucks, Ford Crown Victoria’s, ATV’s, and bicycles. W demand our officers exit their vehicles, make contacts, and take a proactive approach on our client’s properties.


We can respond to alarm calls reducing the amount of money spent to the city each year in alarm calls, and all emergency and non-emergency calls for service, perform standard mobile security checks of properties, and provide dedicated patrol services. We act in accordance with the provisions set forth with the California Penal Code and vehicle Code. Our officers can and will make arrests governed under the citizen/private person arrest.