Student Admissions Policies

(Students must be at least 18 years of age.)

If you are applying for a weapons card (firearms) you will need to show proof of citizenship or legal status birth certificate/permanent resident alien card.

Applicants must have no felony convictions. If convicted of a crime and given a fine or punishment in excess of $500, BSIS will determine if you are available for state permits. Information will be submitted to the State of California Bureau of Security and Investigations for a background check which will take approximately 60 days. Drug, weapon or charges of a violent crime will be cause for denial of approval by the State. We are not responsible nor will we make refunds for a BSIS denial of a application.

Grading System
Grades are based on a combination of test scores and practical demonstration. An overall average of 90% is required for successful completion of the program. In the case of Powers to Arrest an open book test is given and a grade of 100% is required to pass. Grading is done by the instructors. Students have one year from the time of enrollment to complete the training program. We are not responsible nor will we make refunds for a BSIS denial of a application.

Student Conduct
Students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner and abide by school regulations. The school reserves the right to place students on probation or dismiss them from the program when necessary.

The following are examples of behavior which may lead to probation or dismissal:

  • Theft or destruction of school or school property
  • Dishonesty or Cheating
  • Physical abuse of any person on school property
  • Illegal possession of firearms or other weapons
  • Intentional disruption of any school activity
  • Possession, use or sale of illicit drugs or alcoholic beverages during school hours

Violation of school regulations

Attendance Policy
Students must maintain good attendance. They must complete all hours required for the courses they have enrolled in. If they miss any required hours, hours of training must be completed within two weeks after the course ends, unless a medical reason preventing this is stated and confirmed. There will be NO Refunds.

Drop-out Policy
If a student elects to cease instruction, fees will still be collected. Student must meet with instructor for reason that the rest of the modules cannot be completed. A student may drop out of any module prior to completion. There will be NO Refunds without instructor approval, and a written request from student.

Leave of Absence
Leave of absence may be taken up to one year from the start of the program. A written request must be made in advance except in emergency situations. Fees for all completed modules must be paid in full at the beginning of the leave of absence. The student must re-start training prior to the end of one year from the date the leave began. There will be NO Refunds if student fails to re-start prior to the one year time frame.

Non- Discrimination
Armed Guard Private Protection does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, handicap, financial status, area of origin, residence.

Graduation Requirements
Students must complete all hours required for the course in which they are enrolled and achieve a passing grade on their final examinations.

Student Complaint Policy
Students must put all complaints in writing, hand deliver the complaint to the instructor or the Director of Education (Adam Stricker). Be sure all information is complete, assistance maybe be sought from the Director of Education.

Working - Your Job
Students must complete all hours required for the course in which they are enrolled and achieve a passing grade on their final examinations. Remember it is your responsibility to schedule your job around your class times. There will be NO Refunds if student fails to complete their scheduled course due to missing a class due to their job. Student must re-start course prior to the one year time frame. Armed Guard Private Protection will work hard to make sure the student is accommodated; however, we do reserve the right to adhere to the posted guidelines.

Student Services
Classroom handouts are either provided to students free of charges, with the exception of the required manuals. Please check the calendar and requirements for each student. Textbooks, other study guides and materials, where appropriate and for the most part, are included in the fee for the course of instruction for which the student has enrolled, with the exception of the Powers to Arrest, Baton, and Firearms manuals. These manuals are located on our website under the training tab. Other publications relative to the security, investigative and protective services industry are optional and available for purchase.

From time to time there are students who may encounter some difficulty in completing their studies. Armed Guard Private Protection’s experienced instructors are highly trained and will assist the student in all aspects of the training courses. They will make sure to assist and help each student in the deficient areas. Students who encounter difficulty in achieving their goals/passing their class will find that everyone, including the Director of Education will provide counseling, understanding and tutoring, as needed.

Student Dress Code
As a student your dress attire should reflect a professional, respectful and proper attitude towards the classroom, instructors and other students. Most everyday clothing is acceptable. Please do not go out and buy clothing just for our class.

Security Companies Hiring Guards
Students will be given as much assistance as possible in obtaining employment. Employers frequently encourage schools to send their students to them for evaluation as potential employees. The director has extensive contact with a wide range of employers engaged in the security, investigative and protective services in the past and has had considerable encouragement to continue sending students to the in the future.

Throughout their training, students are made aware of any and all inquiries from potential employers that come to the school.

Upon successful completion of a course of instruction, the student is given a certificate of completion, a list of potential employer’s upon request.