Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does hiring a private patrol service lower property insurance rates?
A: Yes, insurance rate will lower depending on your insurance carrier.

Q: Can I deduct the money I spend to hire private security on my income taxes?
A: Yes, the contracted property owner can deduct security as an expense, but confirm with your accountant who prepares your taxes.

Q: Are your security patrol officers armed?
A: Yes, the officers responding to your property are armed with the current training and qualifications.

Q: Is Armed Guard Private Protection covered by insurance?
A: Yes, Armed Guard Private Protection is fully licensed and insured.

Q: How does thermal imagining work?
A: Thermal imaging is a vehicle mounted device that detects heat through all types of climate up to ¼ mile away.

Q: Does Armed Guard Private Protection have affordable service plans?
A: Yes, Armed Guard Private Protection offers a variety of affordable plans. Armed Guard Private Protection offers patrol services, central surveillance camera system, standing guard service and patrol response service. A Combination of services can be tailored to meet client’s needs and adjusted throughout the year.

Q: Can clients or property owner’s access information regarding the activity on their property?
A: Yes, our operations software allows our client to log-on to the system and retrieve information regarding your account 24 hours a day, every day in addition to the provided month report.

Q: How much does your service cost?
A: There are different types of service, but generally the cost of one visit or check of an owner’s property is comparable with other patrol security services in the area, averaging an estimated seven to eight dollars a visit.

Q: I understand Armed Guard Private Protection is a patrol security company that patrols rural areas like farms, ranches, and orchards. Is your company members of the Yuba Sutter Farm Bureau?
A: Yes, we are active members of the farm bureau and also are chairman of the theft committee.

Q: Do owners receive a discount with Armed Guard Private Protection if they contract services?
A: Yes, we offer a 10 percent discount for all services if the client is a member of the farm bureau.

Q: What type of location do you patrol?
A: We patrol farmland, orchards, ranches, equipment yards, trucking yards, apartment complexes, residential, irrigation pumps, and any other property accessible by 4X4 patrol vehicles.