Executive Protection Services

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Armed Guard Private Protection specializes in Personal/Executive Protection for important Individuals, Corporate Executives, and Dignitaries. Given the increasing terrorist and life-threatening situations in the current world scenario, Personal/Executive Protection for executives, VIP’s, dignitaries, and others in the public eye are a necessity more than ever before.

To maintain any degree of security now days, only outstanding executive protection will suffice. And to get that, you need excellent and experienced protection specialists capable of dealing with today's complex risks. Not only do we integrate a broad spectrum of proven protection disciplines, but the thoroughness of our training far exceeds industry expectations. What this means to you is a higher probability that you will survive a potentially lethal encounter.

  • Current & Former Law Enforcement

  • Uniformed or Plain Clothes officers

  • Exposed or Concealed firearm

  • New Vehicles

  • VIPs

  • Celebrities

  • Important Individuals