Utility District Services

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Armed Guard Private Protection offers utility security checks, including oil production, water treatment facilities, and municipal utility facilities, reclamation districts, irrigation districts, and levee districts. This is a very important role in any large scale operation.

Armed Guard Private Protection officers are always on the lookout for various violations. We look for trespassing, theft, vandalism, and other safety hazards. We protect card lock gas stations; maintenance yards fuel and water storage facilities, along with gate houses to corporate and construction yards. We offer patrol services on area sub-stations, as well as construction projects.

  • Armed uniformed security officers

  • Dedicated vehicle patrol or foot patrol

  • Officer generated reporting to the client

  • Daily, Monthly, and Yearly GPS reports available

  • 24/7/365 Dispatch Communication

  • Parking lot and vehicle security

  • Threat assessments

  • Workplace violence response

  • Asset protection

  • Emergency and disaster response